Why WholeHearted?

Posted on August 20, 2014 by Jennifer Skondin

There is juice... and then there is WholeHearted Cold-Pressed Juice! Our raw juice blends are 100% organic and the produce we use is local. There are nearly 6lbs of organic goodness pressed into each 16oz. bottle - and we never water it down! We see ourselves as alchemists - each of our juice, nut and coffee (yes! coffee!!) blends are carefully mixed and balanced to be nutritious and enjoyable for the palette!

We always bottle in glass, NEVER plastic! Two main reasons: Plastic contains petrochemicals that leach into the liquid (the juice you are drinking!!) and plastic is wasteful, and bad for the environment. We take a deposit for each glass bottle, encouraging our customers to return them for reuse! Less waste, better health! (We have an extensive 3-part sanitation process that all returned bottles go through before reuse!)

What makes cold-pressed different, you ask?

We're gonna geek out on the science, stay with us! Cold-press juice extraction is done without friction and heat. Using a hydraulic press machine (cold-press) doesn't damage the nutrient cell's integrity and it extracts ALL the living liquid, this keeps the juice from oxidizing quickly and keeps the live enzymes (the really healthy stuff) ALIVE! This living juice dynamic is full of vitamins, minerals, plant-based phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, living water and proteins.

Most juices sold on the market unfortunately are "dead" juices. The heated pasteurization process kills all the live enzymes. Even home juicers that aren't cold-press technology are done with so much friction that the cell wall is damaged, which invites in oxidation so the window to benefit from any living enzymes in short - about 20 minutes or less. Our juice has about a 5 day shelf life from the time it's processed and is stamped with a "drink me by" date!

How to we get our nut milk blends?

This has been a popular questions, lately!! We make them in small batches, in our kitchen! That's right. Nothing comes from a carton. We soak raw nuts in fresh, spring water for several days. Then we put them in our super-sized Vitamix and blend 'em up! Then, we add our fresh produce, raw cacao, cacao butters, minerals, essential oils, etc., to make our delicious Chocolicious, Strawberry Fields 4EVER, Sweet Claire-ity, and Nana's Pumpkin Pie!


Have a questions? Email us at info@wholeheartedjuice.com and we'll get back to you!

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