WholeHearted Eats - Thursday, April 16 - Sunday, April 19

Yoga teacher training is a life-changing event that will require you to find focus, strength and energy if you want to learn, achieve, feel, experience and become your higher self. Being your true self means being devoid of the need to be egotistical, small-minded and petty. Remember that you are part of a much bigger picture that is inextricably connected to all life forms, including nature. Only then do you have the ability to share your knowledge through teaching.

One of the strongest tools for helping your body to function well, is eating the correct diet. Clean food has the nourishment and components that supply you with all the necessary energy, vitality and optimal cell reproduction. It helps you to keep going.

Good food has to be pure in order to keep your body healthy and alert, strong and light. Eating “clean” food helps your body and mind cope with the intense schedule and inner exploration that the best yoga teacher trainings provide.

Our meals are prepared fresh by our favorite chef, Adam Pechal (formerly of Tuli Bistro!) and our juices, smoothies and coffees are organic, raw, cold-pressed and always in glass!
Pre-order you Thurs/Fri meals by 5pm on Wednesday and weekend meals by 5pm on Thursday and we'll prepare it fresh and deliver it during your training!

*If you'd like to order a meal for just Sunday, you can place your order on Saturday and we'll take care of it!

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